Tyla shares music video for “Truth Or Dare”

Tyla performs on stage during 2024 New Year's celebration on Times Square in New York on December 31^ 2023.

Tyla is back with the video for her new single, “Truth Or Dare,” the follow-up to her previous hit song, “Water”. In the video for “Truth Or Dare”, Tyla meets up with a troublesome ex, with whom she embarks on a car trip – but by the end of the video, we see the Afrofusion superstar getting her revenge.

Tyla’s debut album will drop in a few weeks, and in a recent interview with Complex she expressed her musical dreams:  “I come from a very small place, a little city in South Africa all the way at the bottom of Africa, the tip. And literally, I was just a girl with a dream, a girl that didn’t really have much examples… like this wasn’t really possible at that age when I was coming up as an artist, it wasn’t something that was realistic and I made it a reality. We need an African pop star, and hopefully I’m that one.”

Check out the video for “Truth Or Dare” – here.
Tyla’s self-titled debut album Tyla is set for release on 3/1; to pre-order, head here.

Editorial credit: lev radin / Shutterstock.com

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