White Sox pitcher Mike Clevinger will not be disciplined after domestic violence investigation


Nearly six weeks after launching a domestic violence investigation into MLB announced in a statement on Sunday that they will not issue any discipline against 32-year-old White Sox pitcher Mike Clevinger. Clevinger spent the 2022 season with the Padres and signed a one-year, $8 million deal with Chicago in December.

The announcement comes nearly six weeks after the league launched a domestic violence investigation on Clevinger. In January, Clevinger was accused by Olivia Finestead, the mother of one of his daughters, of physical, emotional and verbal abuse. Finestead said that she had been talking to domestic violence investigators since last summer, claiming that Clevinger had choked her in June and later slapped her in a hotel room, as well as  throwing used chewing tobacco at their child.

In a statement, the league said that it interviewed more than 15 people and reviewed “thousands of electronic communication records,” and noted the next steps Clevinger would take in lieu of any sort of disciplinary action: “As part of his path forward, Mr. Clevinger has voluntarily agreed to submit the evaluations by the joint treatment boards under the collectively bargained policies, and to comply with any of the boards’ recommendations. MLB will continue to make support services available to Mr. Clevinger, his family, and other individuals involved in the investigation.”

Editorial credit: University of College / Shutterstock.com

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